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Duan Duan Zu is an online rental marketplace for short term office, commercial, and entertainment spaces.

About Us & What We Do

Duan Duan Zu is a Chinese online marketplace for short term commercial, retail and entertainment spaces. We connect professionals and businesses to great spaces.

Professionals and companies want on-demand spaces rather than long contract, giving them flexibility and freedom. Owners want to maximize revenue streams from their properties. Peoples attitude towards work and their work environment are changing and so should the spaces in which they can create, work and entertain.

Duan Duan Zu is dedicated to helping professionals, companies and landlords come together to find the best ways to work better together. We’re finding the spaces to support a future where work is flexible and space is on-demand.

Flexible Work Space News

‘Horrible’ offices look to tempt back workers

By Padraig Belton Technology of Business reporter BBC Article “Many of us spend most of our waking lives in offices and typically they’re horrible,” says Maciej Markowski, chief executive of spaceOS, a start-up based in Warsaw. Before coronavirus offices were “a mix of noise, distraction and an endless search for a free meeting room,” he …

Will Demand Return to the Flexible Office Industry?

by┬áMadison Maidment The global economy is straining to navigate a wide range of COVID-19 consequences, leading many to question what the future of work may look like. After reviewing our data at Coworker, there are a number of identifiable trends that have emerged in recent months in the coworking industry in particular that are worth …

6 VCs share their bets on the future of work

by Megan Rose Dickey As tech companies like Twitter and Facebook gear up for longer-term remote work solutions, the future of work is becoming one of the more exciting opportunities in venture capital, CRV general partner Saar Gur told TechCrunch. And as loneliness mounts with shelter-in-place orders implemented in various forms across the world, investors …

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